7 ways leading to weight loss

Can you prevent getting the extra layers of fat? Is there any way to stop the weight gain? What can you do to get the shape of your choice? These are some common questions you might ask yourself. Fortunately, there are some natural, time tested and proven diet hacks that can answer all your answers. Knowing and implementing these weight loss hacks is effective in shedding your extra pounds in a short period.

  1. Stop skipping your breakfast:

It is a common misconception among people that skipping breakfast helps in reducing weight. Are you doing the same? Stop doing it right now as it can work in the opposite way resulting in increased body weight. Skipping breakfast results in continuous hunger and calorie starvation throughout the day; this ultimately leads to taking some snacks or other calorie-rich foods. Hence you are adding to your calories instead of decreasing them.

The intellectual approach in this regard is to have your breakfast daily and know exactly what you are consuming. Go for such meals that are low in fat and calories but at the same time, they should be effective in preventing your hunger until midday. Add variety to your breakfast menu so that you don’t get fed up with your breakfast routine.

  •  Add plenty of fruits and vegetables to your routine:

It is a universal fact that fruits and vegetables are the perfect foods for reducing weight. The best thing about vegetables and fruits is that they are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, and many other important nutrients required by the body. At the same time, they are low in fats, cholesterol, low-density lipids, and calories. Hence these are a win-win situation for weight reduction.  The fruits also contain important co-factors and other enzymes boosters, thus they help in increasing the metabolism and loss of fats. Consider a blender food processor or a fruit blender to help you with these tasks.

  • Have your meals regularly:

Starving yourself to get rid of excess weight seems like a good idea but it does not help in any way. Even you make your body devoid of some important nutrients by this practice. Fulfill your hunger desire at all costs; but with the right food. Choice of food is crucial. Take the diet that is easy to digest, contains plenty of nutrients, and does not deposit extra fat in your body. Eating at regular intervals increases the metabolic rate resulting in decreased temptation of frequent snacks during the day.

  • Take fiber-rich foods:

Foods that have produced distinct results insofar is the dietary fiber. The fiber is a type of carbohydrates known as cellulose. The fiber is not digested by the humans’ digestive system as we lack the enzyme responsible for its digestion. Whole grains and leafy vegetables are a rich source of fiber. It is found in many fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, oats, beans, lentils, pasta, and brown rice.

The main mechanism of dietary fiber in reducing weight is that it gives bulk to the diet and satisfies the hunger to its full without adding calories to the body. Since it is not digested, it can be termed as a calorie-free diet and the best diet for weight loss. It also increases the movements of the gastrointestinal tract and relieves constipation.

The fiber performs a kind of cleansing action on the GI tract and it improves the absorption of other nutrients with excretion of excessive and wasteful products. All these effects get combined to reduce weight effectively. The RDA (recommended dietary allowance) by the doctors for the fiber is about 18g for adult individuals with a range of 12-24g.

  • Use smaller plates:

The study data has shown that using smaller plates gives a psychic effect and satisfies the hunger by eating less. Hence by using smaller plates, fewer calories are consumed creating an effective calorie deficit. Train your mind to look for ways to help you get rid of extra calories. With this practice, you will get used to smaller portions of foods resulting in gradual weight loss. The other important thing to note is to eat slowly. The stomach takes about 20 min to send signals to the brain that it is full. So chew the food well, eat slowly and stop immediately after you feel full.

  • Avoid stocking junk food:

You will be naturally tempted to have chocolates, sweets, fizzy drinks, and some high-calorie biscuits if you got them in your fridge at home. Remove this temptation now and make it hard for you to get these junks. Fill up your fridge with weight-reducing items like vegetables, fruits, oatcakes, and food  that will help you lose weight..

  • Read labels before buying food:

Most of the time, we don’t read the labels of the food we buy as we don’t consider it very important. Nevertheless, having the correct information about the product that you buy is very important so that you can manage your calorie intake. Reading the label in the right way is also necessary to know as some companies use tricky and sneaky ways while interpreting the calories to induce people to buy their product. One can misread those products and end up with unwanted calories.

Do check out the ingredients and their true quantities before getting a food product. Always buy the product that is low in fats and high in fiber. The sugar-free products are preferred as they contain fewer calories. Keeping a check on calorie intake is essential in the prevention of weight gain. Match your dietary intakes according to your weight loss plan and select foods accordingly.

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